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25th-Aug-2011 01:42 am - Naruto: Model Behaviour (Kakashi/Iruka; cast)
I honestly think this fandom wants to give me high blood pressure from excessive caffeine intake. Written for this wonderful kakairu kink meme prompt. [edit:] Also, because Naruto has apparently gifted me with insomnia, leave prompts! :D

Model Behaviour

Fandom: Naruto
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Kakashi/Iruka, random guest appearances
Warning: Workplace AU
Summary: Allow me to define the word "office-mate" for you: it's a noun. Not a verb.

5317 words and the death of mathematics.

He left formulae scribbles on the memos that he inconsiderately littered Iruka's neat-as-a-pin desk with, his integral signs curved into the beautiful arch of a musical clef. For a man who's knowledge of the financial system was encyclopaedic, his office was unusually bare of references: only bits of literature or prosaic mathematics books chucked here and there, alongside a porn collection that Iruka had discovered and screamed mentally at and then hid under a hundred layers of paperwork. )
23rd-Aug-2011 02:50 am - Naruto: Doing It ANBU (Sai, Kakashi, Yamato; cast)
Out of nowhere, Saific! My fingers also now hurt, and I can barely close my eyes for caffeination.

Doing It ANBU

Fandom: Naruto
Rating: PG
Characters: Sai, Kakashi; Yamato, Sasuke, cast
Warning: AU futurefic.
Summary: Rehabilitating Sasuke was supposed to be easier than fighting a war.

7974 words and, mm, but canon is delicious for breakfast.

Three months, sixteen missions, and an uncountable number of attempts on his sanity after taking on ANBU captaincy, Sai was beginning to understand where Yamato-taicho's creepy eyes originated from: let Kakashi-senpai take you at unawares too often and, eventually, your face began to stick that way. )
20th-Aug-2011 03:01 am - Naruto: Handling (Kakashi; cast) [2/2]
Part 2/?

Fandom: Naruto
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Kakashi; Minato and cast.
Warnings: Set during the Third Shinobi World War.
Summary: This is about how Kakashi handles.

1768 words of genny-gen-gen.

Part 1

Kakashi could pinpoint the day the war ended, because that day he remembered how to be hungry. )
19th-Aug-2011 02:02 am - Naruto: Handling (Kakashi; cast) [1/1]
I'm not a 100% about posting this as an on-going WIP, but letting it sit and gather words is like watching cotton-candy grow out of proportion. Better to release it into the DW wild before pruning it down for AO3? 8D?

Also, my titling skills do not, it seems, get better with age...


Fandom: Naruto
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Kakashi; Minato and cast.
Warnings: Set during the Third Shinobi World War.
Summary: This is about how Kakashi handles.

1964 words and, mmm, gen!

Hatake Kakashi, jounin, reported to the Hokage the loss of one of his team-members; other than that, the enemy had been prevented from taking a critical position, and the mission at Kannabi could be called a success.  )
8th-Aug-2011 01:28 am - Recs: Naruto! Mind-numbingly beautiful Naruto!
Since I feel about as confident in myself as an adult does in the permanence of a sandcastle built upon the moats of an ocean*, it's a great time for recs! And to acknowledge that I will never enter an active fandom, ever! 8D

Naruto recs

Telephone: Kaka/Iru, but the genius is in Team 7.
White Wedding Gaara/Naruto, with much Kaka/Iru hilarity.

Both by rageprufrock.

I'm sure I don't need to sing rageprufrock's praises, but read these two fics. They'll pick your day up, shake them up, and leave you with a huge, ridiculous smile on your face afterwards.

In Bond and Blood by thehoyden

I'd just rec everything by thehoyden, but this one is a nice, meaty read that errs on just the right side of light-hearted and the left side of thoughtful to make me a happy pile of contented K.

We Might As Well Dance by megyal

One wonderful thing about animes like Naruto is that they seem to produce the crackiest, most wonderfully apt AUs. Kakashi's dogs, Iruka-the-vet, just add water.
8th-Aug-2011 01:19 am - Naruto: Felicity on the Far Side (Kakashi; random guest appearances)
Naruto fic! After a year of radio silence! *clutches at head* My writing feels like it's gone down the proverbial shitter! More fodder for my quarter-life crisis! /o\

Felicity on the Far Side

Fandom: Naruto
Rating: PG
Characters: Kakashi; cameos by ANBU, jounin, a hokage, oh my.
Warnings: Set in the interim between parts I and II.
Summary: When Naruto left, he had been 28, and young enough not to feel old.

1300 words, hopeless K, and floaty canon!

'Are you having a mid-life crisis?' Tsunade asked without preamble, both snide and suspicious. )

[edit:] Am also taking prompts (especially for Naruto!) if anyone has them~
16th-Jul-2010 10:42 am - FIC FILTER: for people who want to read stuff instead of just "ZOMG I AM TIRED"
1. K has started work
2. Work is kicking K's ass
3. (Passive voice) K's ass is getting kicked by work.

In other words: in spite of my humongously huge writing to-do list of humungous, the fates have made it such that I am mostly too braindead by the end of the day to finish a fic in a single sitting, which is how most of the insanity is usually produced.

I do, however, want to get all that stuff done! And tasty ideas, they do exist! So I am writing them in piecemeal and in parts, and everything is getting put on the beta filter. If you don't mind watching fic come together in drabbly bits, or just want something to read more often than once in never once in while, COMMENT and I will add you!

Alsowik: if you can see the Trekfic post beneath this one, you're already on the filter.

'Course, if you want to be removed at any time, just let me know!

7th-Jul-2010 02:00 pm - Nasdack: If Talking Were Effective, Yelling Would Be Academic, 1/? (Rufus/Balthier/Tseng & guests)
One morning I woke up and realised I could make Rufus terrifying. My life has not been the same since. Many thanks to [profile] pere_chan and [profile] dnatio_memoriae for flailing through betajobs, and much has changed since - though, since it's me, not necessarily for the better... With these boys I think "worse" is always a better option.

If Talking Were Effective, Yelling Would Be Academic (1/?)

Fandom: FFVII/FFXII [community profile] nasdack AU
Characters: Rufus, Balthier, Tseng; Cast of Office Gawkers: Reno, Rude, Elena
Rating: PG13
Summary: Rufus, Enfant Terrifying. Since it would be bad advice to tell any of them to talk things out, Rufus opts for alternatives.

3275 words of ?!?!

'Draw,' Rufus saysore slowly, rolling up the cuffs of his pristinely pressed white shirt with his ringed fingers, 'the shutters.'
3rd-Jul-2010 12:06 am - Historical Sengoku: Hanbei drabble
*apologises to DW for the backlog spam*

Dear History,

I'd feel bad about abusing you, except that you are just way too cool. Dude, Hanbei was pimpin' over his family by 15, a super cool general by 28 and living in hermitude because he was too awesome for Politics and Bloodshed. Then he got courted and given a best friendship and a multitude of supremely cool commands, all while trying not to die from internal illnesses. You can't give me this kind of guy and expect me to leave him alone. Love,


Your Takenaka Hanbei/Japanese History Indoctrination Starts Here:


371 words. Hanbei and Hideyoshi.


Meiba wo kau to jissai no sentou no toki ni sono meiba wo oshinde senki wo nigasu koto ni narimasu kara; kore ga ii no desu.

If I bought a famous horse, there may come a battle when I let slip military strategies - in defence of the horse. This [sickly] one will do.

'This one here's a rather pathetic looking one, isn't he?' )
2nd-Jul-2010 02:52 am - S'lightning-ing
Today, for the first time in a long while, I made a long-forgotten noise of primal fear combined with articulated nausea as I watched my screen go blank after the power tripped. Good times, good times.

It's a perfect day for low lights, some coffee, and reading. ♥

In other news, a funny little thing yesterday while I browsed the mall:

Oh, branding. )

Sometimes I feel like the whole of the commercial world is one giant fic prompt.
1st-Jul-2010 12:41 am - Rambly notes
It's a very drab day outside -- it's been a very drab week, in all honesty -- the sky's overcast with cloud and shadow and this wasn't what I signed up for when I came back home to the tropics for the summer. It's July! There's meant to be not a cumulonimbus in sight save for the wafting smog of Indonesia setting itself on fire! WHERE IS THE SUN.

So, instead of baking on a beach or doing something else that might contribute to my early demise via skin cancer I am sitting in the bowels of a shopping centre and discovering the telecommunication marvel that is internet tethering via the iPhone. No one in America knows what this marvel is because AT&T is a company made up of executives who sold their intelligence for greed.

Rambly thoughts on home, or is it my country that I'm talking about; WAIT WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE. Warning for my bad map-drawing skills. )

In other news, my hazelnut drink tastes full of delicious. Now to get off the thinky-thoughts horse to go write some corporate Reno and/or a bunch of original things that involve screaming and torture by education.
28th-Jul-2009 12:55 am - FFVII Crisis Core: A July Day (Some People Know Too Much) (Tseng, Zack)
Back to Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core! It's like I never left. 8D This one - and the ones that'll hopefully come after it - is meant to be part of some lazy set of lighter-hearted drabbles about Shinra. 8D WE'LL SEE HOW IT WORKS OUT. This one floats alone in the old sea of the odd Zack and Tseng drabble-era.

Prompts are perfectly welcome in the comments. The more hilarious the better!

A July Day (Some People Know Too Much)

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (Crisis Core timeline)
Characters: Zack, Tseng; random guest appearance by Kunsel
Rating: PG
Warnings: Gen, and humour, alas!
Summary: Zack whiles away a July day, and figures that some people just know too much.

2185 words and an inability to keep things short!

Zack whistled under his breath. 'This is one crazy city.' )
23rd-Jul-2009 11:23 pm - Gundam Wing: Passover (6, 13; 5 & other random guests)
Many thanks to [info - personal] voksen for the repeated cheerleading and withstanding my Unending Whine. 8D *buffs this fic* I'm really kind of happy with this one. \o/


Fandom: Gundam Wing
Characters: Zechs, allusions to Treize and 13/6 if you squint. Random guest appearances, including Wufei.
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Set just after the series, but pre-Endless Waltz. Standalone part of a future series (Treize Lives!TM).
Summary: Friendship is unnecessary; it has no survival value. Zechs lives, but that, too, is an oversimplification.

5651 words and a whole bunch of... words! Plus a summary that cannibalises a C.S Lewis quote.

An asylum's an asylum by any name. )
15th-Jul-2009 10:19 pm - RAWRRGHHHHHHHHH
*CRY OF RAGE* It's it's it's one of those months! Where there are WORDS but no WRITING comes out; there are like these IDEAS stuck in my head the way PARSLEY STICKS IN TEETH but no output because they have no SOULS. They are like ZOMBIES. D: FANDOM ZOMBIES. I've got a Batman Beyond fic on the burner and a Gundam Wing fic that won't end, BUT ALL I WANT TO DO IS COME HOME TO FINAL FANTASY VII, where the WILD GEESE RUN FREE and the STREETS ARE DARK, COOL AND CALM.

/totally useless post! *BEAMS*

*sob* Fact of the matter is, is that out of all of the tiny little draft ideas that I have, the ones I love best are still in FFVII, and/or in Nasdack, oh god, I am homesick for a fandom, this is clearly a call for Ben & Jerry's.

[edit] THIS. THIS IS WHAT I FEEL LIKE, THIS SONG: Jim's Big Ego - Stress.

I love to work I love to run I love to waterski snowboard
jetski skydive parasail handglide rollerblade mountainbike
bungee jump well I mean I love to do these things if I had the time
I love to work I love to work I love to work after work
I love to spend a little time with this woman that I'm seein
cause we never get the time to spend together
so we call each other up and we talk about work
but I think id really love is to get up by myself on a tiny little island
in the middle of the ocean with just me a book and a cellular phone
and a personal computer in case something came up
and I'd eat and I'd drink and I'd run and I'd sleep
and do nothing but swim all day
except I don't know how to do laps in the ocean
where are the SHARKS where are the SHARKS!!!

[edit again] Oh, screw it all:

From [info - community] areyougame:

August 12 - Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Tseng/Zack: Longing - Finding you in the land of the lost

August 16 - Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Tseng/Lazard: Clothes fetish – Meat makes, and clothes shapes, but manners makes a man.
13th-Jul-2009 01:31 pm - *unbearably lazy bugger*
So, a couple of things have taken over my life recently, and all of them seem to somehow involve me completely ghosting over my DW. It's magic! :D "Must go grab a matcha latte - whoops, no time to cross-post to DW!" "How about I watch Crows Zero a third time instead of opening a new browser window, yeah!"


  1. My job, I have quit it! Celebration and glee!
  2. My visa, I has it! University, here I come!
  3. Crows Zero, the movie! I love it!
  4. Gundam Wing, I am rewatching it! Treize and Zechs, how much do I love you? LET ME COUNT THE WAYS.

And because I am now free from the blighted octopi-hands of work, I can crosspost my posts in bits and pieces too!

I hereby request humbly that any Gundam Wing fans stab the comments with AU scenarios.

I need about 10 - that's a happy number! - for an Insane 13-6 MarathonTM. 8D Suggestions: teacher!AU; pirates; diplomats; mud-wrestlers! \o THIS FANDOM REQUIRES OLD-SCHOOL CHEESINESS.

\o/! Off to go do some productive things now!
2nd-Jul-2009 11:22 pm - Gundam Wing versus Trek knockout battle!
Drabble Battle #2! Unfortunately, the Discworld prompt somehow managed to fling itself off the Elephants and go thundering elsewhere, so for the moment the battle rages between Space and Space. 8D [info - personal]voksen is to blame for the Gundam Wing, and everyone else is to blame for Trek.

Again, word count is not an indication of bias (FOR SERIOUS THIS TIME), and nothing is really read through or fully thought out. Experimenting with a few new styles, too!

Gundam Wing: Treize lives! But Zechs takes huge political falls. (And I somehow manage to write only the introduction, where Treize doesn't appear at all, huzzah!) 1031 words. )

Trek: Flying-o-phobic McCoy, meet Starfleet! 437 words. )


ALSO WIK!!!: it is imperative (see the number of exclamation marks I used there?) that you give me your addresses for the Great Mailer if you wish to receive mail! SHYNESS IS NOT AN OPTION. I love sending mail, so indulge my sad little life and go paste yourself there. 8D
2nd-Jul-2009 02:47 am - Fic/poll: HP versus FFVII knockout battle!
Adapted from the poll earlier this week because K:
  1. Doesn't have the brains to write a full fic yet
  2. But wants to write bits and pieces
  3. And is totally unashamed of subjecting 2 totally unrelated fandoms to a knockout poll to see which one gets written first

8D THE WORD COUNT IS NOT AN INDICATION OF MY BIAS. Not at all. Note: everything is written as-is: no grammar/logic/fun checks for me at 234am!

HP: Marauders fic! In which Peter is not stupid, and neither is James, and neither is Sirius uncouth, oh and Remus is a badass. Featuring James and Sirius and some talking. 287 words )

FFVII: Tseng under Creepymanpedo Veld! An early scene, featuring Reeve and Veld and a lot of rain. 1106 words )


30th-Jun-2009 12:00 am - Oh, New York, New York
From the NYT:

Madoff Sentenced to 150 Years in Prison

Bernard L. Madoff on Monday received the maximum sentence for perpetrating one of the biggest investment frauds in Wall Street history and will spend the rest of his life in prison.

NOT A TYPO. 8D 8D Some things in RL are better than things in fic. [info -]nasdack, heeeeeeeere I come. >:D

28th-Jun-2009 12:24 am - Dear Alex &co:
It's 12.16am in the morning; Franz are once again the be-all end-all of my mind and existence. (Feel the Pressure - a remix of What She Came For from the June-released Blood dub-cover-remix of Tonight.)

If I could have filthy, gorgeous sex with Alex K's brain, I would. In an instant. Jesus. I am sorry I ever resisted.

Listen to this track. Feed yourself it intravenously. Inject it into your bloodstream. Turn the lights off. Put the speakers to blast. Then, tomorrow morning, if you have slept at all, go into your nearest record store and buy Blood.

Woah. Look out / you're what she came for
Knows what she came for / no question, no doubt
27th-Jun-2009 01:19 am - Star Trek XI: Mind Bullets (Kirk, Bones, Pike)
The great and wonderful [info]charlie_d_blue is responsible for all the awesome in this fic, and that is true.

Mind Bullets

Fandom: Star Trek XI
Rating: PG
Characters: Kirk, Bones, Pike
Warnings: Set directly before the Romulan attack, in the glory days of peace.
Summary: Kirk versus a machine versus his mind:

'One more,' Bones growls. 'One more, Jim, and then you stop doing this to yourself because it's ridiculous and it's out of hand and you can't win this, this isn't a game.'

'I don't believe,' Jim says sweetly, 'in no-win situations.'

6017 words and Kirk's turn at introspection! In a manner of speaking!

One day, Bones brings a dongly machine thing into Jim's room and sets it up on Jim's table and then looks Jim in the eye and says, 'Jim, quid pro quo.' )
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