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12th-May-2008 02:06 am - FFVII/Lucifer: Outward From Midgar
*sings* This is me going to hell, this is me going to hell~

Title: Outward From Midgar
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII/Lucifer (comic)
Characters: Tseng, Lucifer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Crossover. Midgar AU. Smashee-crashee of various real cultures. The Devil. Oh, and sex.
Summary: Sometimes you just got to get bored with life before you remember to start living it. Written for [info]roads_diverged, theme: small town.

5141 words and you really, really don't need to know Lucifer. At all.

The first impression it left on him was this: roads leading everywhere and nowhere, too much sky, too much land, too few people.

Mmmm, fake-cut. Here, have a drabble-thing to make a non-fake of this post. With e.e cummings style grammar. mmmm.

lucifer in a garden (270)

it's not his garden; never was. grass was always too green. sky was always too blue. apples a bit too red. lucifer didn't - and doesn't - believe in absolute(s), which proved to - proves to - be quite a problem. he's here anyway, because it's alpha and omega, and sitting under trees is not a crime.

maybe she's watching, but lucifer has been around too long to care about a panopticon anymore. god or not, first or last; he's never been able to rationalise the obsession with the former and the first; the way only the first sons are recognised, the first letters, the first words.

he plucks out a few blades of grass. it's as artificial as it's real. he tosses them and lets a breeze catch the green, scattering it everywhere. he's silent, because he's never been able to stop the words in his head. fiat lux, or fiat lex? he's always asked questions, and it's always got him into trouble. quietude on the outside is not quietude on the inside.

'she's doing well,' he says anyway, because at first there was the Word. 'as well as you can expect her to.'

better, he doesn't say, than either you or i.

'it will not be noble of me to leave,' he continues, closing his eyes and leaning against the solid bark behind me. 'but i've never been noble, and we're not good with family affairs.'

he misses his brother as much as he has always wished that they'd walked eastwards of eden together, so long ago.

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