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To Do List of Doom! 
5th-May-2009 12:44 pm

[] Debug and troubleshoot the two existing layouts
[x] Code a bug-free headered fluid layout with a good comment system
[x] Code a bug-free fixed version of the fluid layout with a good comment system

[] Use that code to map out [info]sister_coyote's layout


[x] Test out a few different line-heights and pixel bits for Arial, Verdana, Lucida, Georgia, Helvetica, Times New Roman [note to self: tahoma 12 is huge, tahoma 11 is this default blinding; 14 px is way too high a line height for 11, sits well with 12; arial 11 is the tiny, arial 12 is larger but not blinding]
[x] Test out headers in Palatino, Impact, Times, Arial


[] 0TP #1
[] Restorations #4


[] Pad up the research doc
[x] Email the lady


[x] Finish up memepost
[x] UPDATE Parameter journal!!!! And apologise for Mega Hiatus.


[x] Lunch with the girls
[x] More Starbucks
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