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21st-May-2009 11:05 pm
Concrit on the writing meme, watching Trek for the second time, three day "weekend" that involves a lot of public speaking, darkrooms, Photoshop and code: my favourite brew.

>:D Writing is so happening tonight, even though (especially because) I have to be up at 7 tomorrow morning.

Live long and prosper.


[edit] Also, hilariously enough, I don't know how I get the dancer to change directions, but once I do I can't change her back, and now I am FIXATED.

[edit] To get her to swing counter I get her to swing out her leg; to get her to swing clockwise I get her to squeeze down on her crotch. OR IS THAT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. HELP.

[edit] AUGH and I can only do it with my laptop tilted 90 degrees clockwise!

[edit] Am now getting her to do some sort of retarded on-the-stop forward facing can-can competition with herself, though I usually default to clockwise. Must... stop... looking... It's all in the back of the calves!

[edit] LAST EDIT I SWEAR. It is sad, but thinking of porn makes her swing clockwise, and thinking of square roots swings her anti. I'm sure that if I was told that clockwise = left brain instead of clockwise = right brain, the opposite would be true. DONE NOW. Tomorrow, Evil Spock/Tseng in action flick style fic... somehow with plot!
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