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29th-Jun-2008 04:35 pm - Doing Good For Good Stuff: livelongnmarry at LJ
Following in the footsteps of the very awesome [info]sister_coyote, I've gone and signed myself up for a charity fandom-type auction thing called livelongnmarry at LJ. The comm is all about raising funds for equal marriage rights in California - and while I neither live there nor have spent any amount of time in either the United States in general or California in particular, this is one fight that I'll never be able to fight in my home constitution (oh, we tried; we got our asses handed to us, too) or even in my own family environment. I have no wish to spend the rest of my life silent about one of the matters closest to my heart and the hearts of the others around me who have even fewer avenues of expressing their desire to live in a equalised world.

So perhaps I'm extraneous in participating in something that exists so far outside my real world social circle - but the world is at once larger than the four walls I have in my home, and also smaller than I believe it was fourty, fifty years ago when my nation's constitution was being written. My efforts are just a drop in a large ocean on the wrong continent and in the wrong part of the world, but I intend to make a few small ripples before I keel over and give up.

That was my paragraph worth of crack-free statement for the week, by the way.

SO. I write this pimp post calling out to everyone here who gives a shit about having some of the most basic rights. I don't care if you don't care about gay marriage or where you are on the crazy sliding scale of orientation anyway: this is just one fight for equality. 8D I'm offering fic (FFVII, Baccano!, Lucifer, The Left Hand of Darkness, originals) and/or layouts and icons. So, if you have some cash handy, you can bid for my services (!!!!!!) here (fic) or here (layouts) starting from a low, low, low, low $2. I am a cheap little whore. I would have put $1, but then my self-esteem would have bottomed out and I'll creep into a corner and whimper if no one actually, y'know, ends up bidding. At least at $2 I can say that I'm too expensive. *BEAMS* If you're feeling really happy, you can buy me now at $80. (Yeah, right.) Bidding/buying starts 1 July (PST; why is everything on PST).

The bids work by you making a donation to any one of the equal-rights charities listed in [info]livelongnmarry's profile. Simple stuff!

Alternatively, if you are - like me - dead broke and/or saving up to do stuff and/or too lazy to bother with money, you can join the community as a seller and have a bit of fun. :D

/jedi mind trick

[edit] You know what, actually, let's up this bet. To anyone who will participate and/or bid, I will equal one of my offers above to you for free. :D

[edit again] Okay so I have no self-control: now offering photography with a higher minimum bid of $10. *shame*
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