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24th-Sep-2008 10:41 pm - Batman/Batman Beyond: Better Dead Than Lead arc (Dick, Bruce, Terry)
Don't know how many people on the flist are actually Batman/Batman Beyond fans, but my KF picks seem to be perking some interest, and I have this gigantic multi-parter being fed into my LJ - thought it might be worthwhile porting and compiling what I've got right now over. Have at it! I'd totally love anyone saying anything about this - watch me be terrified on my first really huge major fic! IN A COMPLETELY OFF THE BALL UNFAMILIAR FANDOM! \o/

Better Dead Than Lead arc

compiling Gold is just a trick of the light, And lead is light as a feather and So leave me where the kids are all right.

Characters: Bruce, Dick, Terry
Warnings: Pre-slash sort of edging into the Batfamily's idea of slash. Assumes Return of the Joker has happened; adopts comic backstory for the most part of everything.
Summary: After a 50 year displacement into the future, Dick deals with what has and hasn't changed in the era of Terry McGinnis - of Batmen, and boy wonders.

Wordcount? Over 10,000. I'm not counting this one, oh no...

You're using your command voice, Dick wants to tell Bruce. Do you realise that? )
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