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17th-May-2009 04:31 pm - Final Fantasy VII: Year One (Reeve, Veld, Lazard, Tseng, Rufus, Midgar, &c.)
This fic officially took my brain, injected a thousand CCs of politics into it, beat it up and left me staggering about wildly. I haven't written something like this, I think, since Empery.

The last (and crowning) jewel of the Honourable Men triple bill (they're all standalones, though, so no need to read through).

I humbly request that you give this one a try. ♥ Okay going to go expire from exhaustion now.

Year One

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (BC through CC)
Characters: Lazard-Tseng-Rufus, Veld, Reeve, does the City of Midgar count?
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Spans through Crisis Core and Before Crisis backstory. You don't need to know BC, but it helps, and there's a tiny appendix at the bottom of the fic to help you if you'd like.
Summary: From the journals of Urban Development, filling in the lives and empty spaces in Midgar.

7575 words and Midgar being alive.

One gets the impression that we shall soon be bringing them brighter futures as well. )
9th-Jul-2008 11:01 pm - FFVII: Restorations, Interlude I (Rufus, Tseng, Reeve cameo)
Rufus' interlude for Restorations, go! \o/ Suit!sortofkink, also... sort of go!

Title: Restorations, Interlude I
Rating: PG
Characters: Rufus/Tseng, Reeve
Summary: Even in the aftermath of everything, few men would tell Rufus Shinra what to do with his life.
Warnings: I worldbuild too much. Machiavelli is probably rolling in his grave. Rufus Shinra is an asshole, also.

Restorations I

2657 words and finally managing to manhandle Rufus into a suit. Sorta. Kinda. Almost.

Dying, to Rufus, was a concept seen in relative terms. )
30th-Jun-2008 11:27 am - FFVII: Restorations I (Tseng, Rufus, Reeve, Wutai, Midgar)
This is the first part of a longer fic that I don't have the time to write as a one shot. It's - just read it, okay? I'll buy you cookies if you do. Or something. 8D Based on a canon-AU; I am wondering if [info]roads_diverged will let me post this there? HI? HI?

Title: Restorations I
Rating: PG
Characters: Tseng, Rufus, Reeve, Wutai, Midgar, everyone.
Summary: And Shinra said, we are going to save the world, and then said, but let us start with restorations.
Warnings: First part of a multiparter - one or two more chapters planned. Canon AU. "What happens after Midgar". Gen, with slash when you squint. You may have to squint less in other chapters. Rufus Shinra is in the god damned house.

2410 words, and Rufus would like you to know that he is perfectly harmless, thank you.

They sent him into Wutai because it was the predictable thing to do, and these days it paid to do things predictably. )

[and random ad again:] Go forth, ye kind hearted people, I know you want to.
6th-Apr-2008 09:19 pm - Final Fantasy VII: School Days, (Tseng, Rufus, Reeve cameo; college student AU)
Title: School Days (Are The Best Days Of Your Life)
Pairing: Tseng, Rufus, Reeve cameo
Rating: PG
Summary: Tseng's brilliant, but bored; Rufus is bored, but brilliant; Reeve just wants to build things and teach his classes in peace, damn it, so count him out of the Junon University ratrace, and he wouldn't mind them leaving off the world domination either.
Warnings: Written for [info]roads_diverged's theme of "college students". This one's a lighthearted jaunt through the woods; don't expect anything too serious from the boys. *g* Set in a quasi-Midgar universe, contorted and then spat out again.

2393 words, with plenty of age!bending and Rufus in jeans.

'Oh, no, Rufus, if you want to do any recruiting, do it on your own turf - leave my kids alone.' )
3rd-Apr-2008 08:07 pm - Fic: Prodigal (Lazard, Reeve)
Title: Prodigal
Rating: PG
Characters: Lazard, Reeve
Summary: The calmer side of Shinra's corporate belly (the ones who don't kill anyone, or at least not first hand) have a chat in the middle of SOLDIER's beaten up training room - about genial things, like bloodthirty inter-departmental undercutting, and temperamental subordinates, but definitely not about family.
Warnings: Speculation about Lazard's heritage (not overtly mentioned in game canon, but so strongly hinted at that I couldn't resist). Lots of invention regarding Shinra, but we're all used to that by now...

1209 words. Lazard must have thrown some kind of a fit after Sephiroth, Genesis and Angeal did that number on the training simulator. As for Reeve - don't ask me, ask him.

The door to the training room slid open. 'Wait, they broke it again?' )
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