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24th-Jun-2008 10:37 pm - New community! \o/
So IJ is kind of sad because LJ has all the best layout styles (Flexible Squares and Smooth Sailing among them) under license - but now, powered by the awesome of [info]logistka_nyx and the hell that is my own designer brain, [info]shifgrethor exists! 8D Set up to provide layouts and icons and other good stuff for the world at large and IJ in particular.

Opening-day post is this S2 Bloggish layout:

Click for a larger preview, or hop over to [info]shifgrethor for a look!

... and now that the pimping is done, I am going to collapse into a pile. Coding from 4pm - 1040pm! \o/ COFFEE FUELS ME MORE THAN ANY FIRE COULD.
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