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28th-Jun-2009 12:24 am - Dear Alex &co:
It's 12.16am in the morning; Franz are once again the be-all end-all of my mind and existence. (Feel the Pressure - a remix of What She Came For from the June-released Blood dub-cover-remix of Tonight.)

If I could have filthy, gorgeous sex with Alex K's brain, I would. In an instant. Jesus. I am sorry I ever resisted.

Listen to this track. Feed yourself it intravenously. Inject it into your bloodstream. Turn the lights off. Put the speakers to blast. Then, tomorrow morning, if you have slept at all, go into your nearest record store and buy Blood.

Woah. Look out / you're what she came for
Knows what she came for / no question, no doubt
15th-Apr-2009 09:27 am
I love Yoko Kanno's way of getting female singers to sing what seem like male-personae songs; especially in Cowboy Bebop. This one's one of my favourites, both lyrically and musically speaking. Mmm, country! Wow, when I am sick I talk like an English textbook!

Don't Bother None

Readin' my paper in Roy's cafe
The ol' guy next to me is loud as day
Rambled and rambled while eatin' his pie
He dropped his wallet, now its mine uh huh

Sorry old man but that's jus' the way that it is
Don't bother none
Won't help at all to worry 'bout it

Picked up the wallet and slipped out side
Walked around and walked around and walked around town
I found my nerve and a good place to hide
Only to find no cash inside uh-huh

Oh well I guess that's just the way that it is
Don't bother none
Won't help at all to worry 'bout it

I got thirsty so I went to a bar
Met a lil darlin' with the face of a star
In the mornin' woke up to find
She stole my car along with my heart uh-huh

Oh well I guess that's jus' the way that it is
Don't bother none
Won't help at all to worry 'bout it

Wish she'd give me back my heart uh-huh

Oh, well I guess that's jus' the way that it is
Don't bother none
Won't help at all to worry 'bout it
29th-Jan-2009 08:07 pm - More music!
I realise, to my dismay, that it is only in my mind that I've posted some of the songs that I love best. :D I know there's a couple of people who like to snag stuff off my playlists, so here we go - some of the songs I live my lyrical life by. Songs are all in this MF folder.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Counting Down The Hours

I honestly do not know how I survived before I met this band. Their albums narrate my life; Ted Leo's lyrics are amazing, and his turns of phrases make me want to tie him to a chair so that he'll do nothing but write forever. I want to post ALL the lyrics to this, but your flists would explode

In a sense it don't come easy; innocence it never will
Accidents means no one's guilty; ignorance means someone's killed
So I asked our Mr Miller how to get to where one's going
And he points to his survival and he points me down the road


But after listening all morning as I drove down 95
To a story of detainees who were barely kept alive
I could deal with trying to process pidgeons acting like they're doves
But not with interfering from the power lines above

Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses

*JUMPS UP AND DOWN* NEW ALBUM, NEW ALBUM! NEW SINGLE! Ulysses is a single that I want to buy but CANNOT FIND IN STORES. What is wrong with the universe? This is Franz Ferdinand! Lack of awesome is not allowed! This song took a while to grow on me, but then it grew and grew and grew.

My Ulysses, My Ulysses
No, bet you are now, boy
So sinister, so sinister
Last night was wild


Oh, then suddenly you know
You're never going home.
You're never you're never you're never you're never you're never you're never
You're never going home.

Not Ulysses, baby.
No, la la la la whooo whoo
You're not Ulysses, whooo whoo
La la la la, whooo whoo

(Casino Royale OST) Chris Cornell - You Know My Name

I'm a Turk kinda girl. This means that anything in any Craig-Bond movie has to be on this list. Chris Cornell is/was the vocalist for Audioslave, if anyone (like me) ends up wondering why his voice sounds so familiar!

If you take a life, do you know what you'll give
Odds are, you won't like what it is
When the storm arrives, would you be seen with me
By the merciless eyes I've deceived

I've seen angels fall from blinding heights
But you yourself are nothing so divine
Just next in line


I've seen diamonds cut through harder men
Than you yourself
but if you must pretend
You may meet your end

(Quantum of Solace OST) Alicia Keys feat Jack White - Another Way To Die

I know the player
With the slick
Trigger finger
For Her Majesty
Another one
With the
Golden tone voice
And then your fantasy
Another bill
From a killer
Turned a thriller
Into a tragedy

A door left open
A woman walking by
A drop in the water
A look in the eye
A phone on the table
A man on your side
Someone that you think
That you can trust is just
Another way to die
20th-Oct-2008 05:19 am - Music!
Some part of my kinda scary-large FST that plays in my head when I write fic about stockbroking. \o Songs catered to the bizarre Stockmarket AU, but which are also generally awesome.

Garbage - Sex Is Not The Enemy

No evolution, sometimes it depresses me
The same-old same-old keep repeating history
The institution curses curiosity
It's my conviction: sex is not the enemy.

Ficnote: Well. Tseng's not the themesong sort. But if this were a different universe...

Interpol - Obstacle 2

I'm gonna pull you in close, I'm gonna wrap you up tight
I'm gonna play with the braids that you came here with tonight

Ficnote: Hey, it has the word "obstacle" in it, sounds like a city being put through a wonderful shredder, and comes from Interpol.

Esthero ft. Shakari Nite - In The Mood

If the mood should hit'cha and you wanna
Baby, I don't mind
A little taste may relieve the tension
I feel inside

(...) I know you said it was over
But if you ever want to come over
You know I got what it takes
To make you feel nice
Because you gave yourself to another
But I suppose you haven't forgotten what my love tastes like
And she won't fuck you like I do
And you know that it's true cause
I have what she hasn't got
And I remember all your spots so -

Ficnote: Um. Yeah. So. That thing about affairs. Yeah. Uh huh.

Rob Thomas - This Is How A Heart Breaks

Don't you wanna go for a ride, just keep your hands inside
And make the most out of life; now don't you take it for granted.
Life is like a mean machine, it made a mess out of me
It left me caught between
Like an angry dream I was stranded, I was stranded

And I'm steady but I'm starting to shake
And I don't know how much more I can take

Ficnote: I'm just going to say the word "affair" a lot now. Affair affair affair.

Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor

Stop making the eyes at me,
I'll stop making the eyes at you.
What it is that surprises me is that I don't really want you to


26th-Sep-2008 11:17 pm - October beckons
OCTOBER IS COMING. That means [info]yuletide. \o/

So, multiple-time Yuletiders on the flist: ARE YOU EXCITED. I am excited. I am so excited that I don't even care that the official admin call for prompts hasn't gone out yet. Yuletide is fandoms' feel-good happytimes. God. I want to write my recipient a huge-ass fic this year, and I don't even really know how much/what I'll be really offering. *twitches*

Anyone who hasn't done Yuletide before? Do it this year, oh please, please do. Because it will make you happy. Trillions of happy.


Meanwhile, a song by Harvey Danger: Happiness Writes White. To anyone who's ever kept a crazy schedule or for anyone who's happy or been in love - is a good song. Has awesome happy piano noises. *approves*

Alsowik: Tori Amos - Happiness is a Warm Gun. Give this one a chance; the synth keyboard and her vocals and the lyrics are ready to slay if you don't mind the experimental nature and (anti-)gun message. Mother superior jumped the gun, oh, mother superior jumped the gun. I need a fix / I need, oh I need / Mother superior jumped the g-g-gun.
25th-Sep-2008 10:27 am - Buncha tracks
Uploaded for a friend over on LJ - but here, have some religious-y theme-y kind of songs. They're all good fun. 8D

Tori Amos - God

Smoky + electric guitar = Tori Amos

Franz Ferdinand - Evil and a Heathen

Kaizers Orchestra - Bak et Hallelujah

(They've got, like. Crazy drums and oil barrel smashing and accordians and Norwegian lyrics.)

Dave Matthews - Eh Hee

And on top of that, some other awesome tracks:

Gratituous Kelis versus Panic! At the Disco mashup and Stress by Jim's Big Ego.
9th-May-2008 06:49 pm - Songsajflk
I am going to, at some point, write a Lucifer fic based on this song, because a) it is a most amazing mash up and b) let's look at the lyrics:

I need your arms around me
I need to feel your touch (feel good)
Feel good
Feel good
I need your understanding
I need your love (feel good); so much (feel good)
You tell me that you love me so
You tell me that you care (feel good)
But when I need you (baby)
Baby, (you're never there)

Over the phone long, long distance
Always facing such strong resistance
First you say you're too busy
I wonder if you even miss me
Never there
You're never there
You're never ever ever ever ever there

Alsowik: not sure if my emails are getting through, but if I'm shipping you things, they've been sent~!
3rd-May-2008 09:13 am - Massive Fandom+Music Post
Well, maybe not so massive...

There are a couple of fandoms out there that have had a profound impact on me and my lifestyle (eg, how often I sleep; when I sleep; why my fingers are bent at a funny angle from hitting and holding the shift key too often; how I look at people; how I look at myself; which way the world turns); and very often when writing for them or leafing through the material again I am hit by the urge to supplement them with music.

Under the cut are a couple of the fandoms (obscure or not) which have augmented my worldview and triggered massive music trawling over the last few years. :D Sometimes I talk about the fandom, other times I just talk about the music; sometimes I'm lucky enough to be able to blabber on about both.

*points down* And, music aside, if anyone wants a copy of The Left Hand of Darkness, clicky the cut.

The Left Hand of Darkness, Final Fantasy VII, Baccano!, American Gods )
22nd-Apr-2008 06:26 pm - Take the free things away!
Hai, still no one wanting free paid journal time? I srsly, srsly would not like it to go to waste - so if you have a friend or a loved one you'd like to pass IJ journal time on, drop me a comment! I'm that desperate! I'm begging people to take stuff! *laughs*

Not getting enough sleep because the electricity keeps going is a bummer. But listening to Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds makes everything better.

One of the most amazing songs on earth, probably:

Eh Hee

These tracks were recorded live, and Dave M. was just discussing how he'd gone out and talked with some native Indians, and how he'd listened to them sing and create polyrhythms and music that came "before language" -- and this track blends both the before and the after of language in-- you have to listen to it, honestly. It as religious lyrics - but it's one of those times when you listen and you know that it transcends any sort of religiosity. They performed it at Radio City; most amazing DVD of anything I'd seen in my life - two men, two guitars and one voice.

Eh hee yeah amanaya yeaha yeah eh eh amana
Eh hee yeah amanaya yeaha yeah eh eh

Praise God who has many names but the Devil have many more
And with the love that my mother gave me I'm gon' drop the Devil to the floor
Im gon' drop the Devil to his knees
Im gon' drop the Devil to his knees

There's always people who'll try to convince you
That they know the answer no matter the question
Be wary of those who believe in a neat little world
Because it's just fucking crazy, you know that it is


Seen evolution, my people have come to believe
That we are the traitors, the cheaters
We pray that we're just a collection of cells
We parade with ourselves
And we're proud of avoiding the truth

And another, just because one is never enough: When the World Ends.

When the world ends
We'll be burnin one
When the worlds ends
You know you and me we'll be makin love
Oh yeah know when the world ends
I'm gon' take you aside and say
Let's watch it fade away fade away oh
Cuz the world's done
I've just begun it's done i's just begun
20th-Apr-2008 03:14 pm - ajflasjfl *keyboardsmash*
The translations for chapter 2 of Drugs and The Dominos are finally done!1!1 Oh god I think I need to sit down with a very, very strong drink and stop my fingers from moving against my will now. Now. Ohgod. Nghgaflkjalksfjlk braindeath.

Some music that eerily fits Baccano!; or maybe I AM JUST HALLUCINATING:

All tracks by The Hush Sound

Wine Red

Who shot that arrow in your throat?
Who missed the crimson apple?
It hung heavy on the tree above your head

This chaos, this calamity, this garden once was perfect
Give your immortality to me; I'll set you up against the stars

[Sotasty, this song; beautiful vocals, plus, plus, just. Pretty.]

Lions Roar

The lions roar and young men soar
The flames all scorch the circus floor
Puppets on string all dance and sing and flap their wings
Trumpets play sick lullabies

Delicate dame her fragile face
Was scared away without a trace
Out in the cold, where did she go?
Into unknown a place I'll never

Know and the desperate search began
All across this sea and land
I just knew I'd find you here
I just knew I'd find you

[The ultimate Claire-runs-away-to-the-circus-and-then-meets-Chane song.]

City Traffic Puzzle

Escape into the eerie night
In the dark I'm out of sight
Shadows on the alley wall
Are dancing like a lovers brawl

North south east and west
Foreign land is right and left
Don't let them see you cry
I didn't know which way was home
Ten degrees without a coat
Don't let them see you cry

I don't want to love you if love leaves me this cold
I don't want to love you if love is this alone

["Luck is An Emo Kid." I reserve the right to not explain this... ever.]
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