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28th-May-2009 02:51 am - Final Fantasy VII/Highlander: The Business of Fear
The Business of Fear

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (OGC)/Highlander (/Baccano!)
Characters: Rufus, Methos; cameos by Tseng and Luck
Rating: Soft R
Summary: Rufus needs men who are know something of the business of fear.

Notes: Runs in the same line as New Men (Baccano!/Final Fantasy VII), but you don't need to read it to read this! Written for the no_true_pair prompt: Rufus is bound and blinded -- does Methos try to help, or take advantage of the situation?

4952 words and Rufus doing some recruiting!

Hide and seek is something Methos has come to be good at over the years, but he has absolutely no illusions about playing against the Shinra Company. )
2nd-May-2009 04:34 pm - 0TP DW Port, DW layout
Hi guys, anyone who's writing for 0TP but has sorta-kinda-moved from IJ, I've created a mirror of it on [info]no_true_pair; feel free to crosspost merrily and to pimp it out here on DW!


I also super-fast-coded a CSS DW layout that doesn't require the usual bangs and whistles of a paid account; 0TP is the live preview, and the code is below. Warning: very hastily coded! 8D

Use Transmogrified as your theme, set Use layout's stylesheet(s) as UNCHECKED, and stick that into your custom CSS.
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