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4th-May-2008 10:18 am - Giveaway Post #2
A few more things here; a lot of books! Same policy as before: I'm just trying to clear shelf-space and spread a little goodwill around. :D Drop a comment to reserve, then drop me an email/AIM with where the thing needs to get mailed. ♥ I ask only for another good deed to get done to someone else. Crossposted to my LJ!

His Dark Materials; couple of D&D hardcover handbooks; anatomy drawing guide. )

[edit:] dug through other things; also: anyone want a half-used pad of Daler-Rowney watercolour paper? My art days are dead; but my stuff shouldn't suffer the same fate. >_>

That said, if anyone can give me the gift of learning how to sleep quickly, aljalfjghnh. All nighters = not fun, so why do you do this to me, body?
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