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8th-Aug-2011 01:28 am - Recs: Naruto! Mind-numbingly beautiful Naruto!
Since I feel about as confident in myself as an adult does in the permanence of a sandcastle built upon the moats of an ocean*, it's a great time for recs! And to acknowledge that I will never enter an active fandom, ever! 8D

Naruto recs

Telephone: Kaka/Iru, but the genius is in Team 7.
White Wedding Gaara/Naruto, with much Kaka/Iru hilarity.

Both by rageprufrock.

I'm sure I don't need to sing rageprufrock's praises, but read these two fics. They'll pick your day up, shake them up, and leave you with a huge, ridiculous smile on your face afterwards.

In Bond and Blood by thehoyden

I'd just rec everything by thehoyden, but this one is a nice, meaty read that errs on just the right side of light-hearted and the left side of thoughtful to make me a happy pile of contented K.

We Might As Well Dance by megyal

One wonderful thing about animes like Naruto is that they seem to produce the crackiest, most wonderfully apt AUs. Kakashi's dogs, Iruka-the-vet, just add water.
28th-Jul-2008 07:32 pm - Recface!
Interwebs seems to be full of pain and suffering and RL at the moment, and so - like a Santa losing weight because he's clambering over rooftops - I take a sec, and come out to deliver recs!

Blue Snakeskin Sky, by [info]laylah: Final Fantasy VII Turk fic! Written for [info]writerz_bloc and I for the LLNM auction, and maaaan, do I appreciate this fic. I know it's been a helluva long time since L's written FFVII, and how mine-field like it is for her, so ♥ for putting together a really succinct and cool cross-section on the Turks. Oh, and, have I mentioned Turks yet?

Also by L, Cut Up Boy, a Baccano! Claire/Ladd fic with mentions of Luck. It was a prompt of mine on Kinkfest, and I don't know how in hell I missed it the first time, but this is an honest-to-god fun read. It sounds exactly like how a good fic should sound: like it's been a blast for both the writer and the audience, and maaaan. So good.

Batman!wise, because I have been sucker-punched by this fandom, and have watched probably more Justice League than I really ought to be watching during a busy period:

Come build in the empty house. A Batman Beyond fic by Livia, from the Yuletide Archives of Awesome. It doesn't matter if you don't really know the canon to Batverse - I sure as hell don't. It's about Bruce and Terry McGinnis (the future Batman) dealing with -- everything. Aging, which we all know Bruce must eventually do. Bruce, who is someone no one really expected to have to deal with, Batman (which one?) least of all. Tim, and what happened to him during his time as Robin. It's not about the canon, it's about the humans in it: the wholly human humans, the too-human humans that make the Batfamily as brilliant and deep as they are wide and fucked up.

A Cure For Common Boredom, an Ouran Tamaki/Kyouya feel good porny happy fic by [info]hooloovoo_too. I remember reading her other Ouran stuff on LJ, and man. So good. It's nice to just slip into characterisation that's believable and awesome and cool all at once. My vocabulary has not been much improved by my nap, so I'll leave it there.
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