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3rd-May-2008 09:13 am - Massive Fandom+Music Post
Well, maybe not so massive...

There are a couple of fandoms out there that have had a profound impact on me and my lifestyle (eg, how often I sleep; when I sleep; why my fingers are bent at a funny angle from hitting and holding the shift key too often; how I look at people; how I look at myself; which way the world turns); and very often when writing for them or leafing through the material again I am hit by the urge to supplement them with music.

Under the cut are a couple of the fandoms (obscure or not) which have augmented my worldview and triggered massive music trawling over the last few years. :D Sometimes I talk about the fandom, other times I just talk about the music; sometimes I'm lucky enough to be able to blabber on about both.

*points down* And, music aside, if anyone wants a copy of The Left Hand of Darkness, clicky the cut.

The Left Hand of Darkness, Final Fantasy VII, Baccano!, American Gods )
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