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20th-Apr-2008 03:14 pm - ajflasjfl *keyboardsmash*
The translations for chapter 2 of Drugs and The Dominos are finally done!1!1 Oh god I think I need to sit down with a very, very strong drink and stop my fingers from moving against my will now. Now. Ohgod. Nghgaflkjalksfjlk braindeath.

Some music that eerily fits Baccano!; or maybe I AM JUST HALLUCINATING:

All tracks by The Hush Sound

Wine Red

Who shot that arrow in your throat?
Who missed the crimson apple?
It hung heavy on the tree above your head

This chaos, this calamity, this garden once was perfect
Give your immortality to me; I'll set you up against the stars

[Sotasty, this song; beautiful vocals, plus, plus, just. Pretty.]

Lions Roar

The lions roar and young men soar
The flames all scorch the circus floor
Puppets on string all dance and sing and flap their wings
Trumpets play sick lullabies

Delicate dame her fragile face
Was scared away without a trace
Out in the cold, where did she go?
Into unknown a place I'll never

Know and the desperate search began
All across this sea and land
I just knew I'd find you here
I just knew I'd find you

[The ultimate Claire-runs-away-to-the-circus-and-then-meets-Chane song.]

City Traffic Puzzle

Escape into the eerie night
In the dark I'm out of sight
Shadows on the alley wall
Are dancing like a lovers brawl

North south east and west
Foreign land is right and left
Don't let them see you cry
I didn't know which way was home
Ten degrees without a coat
Don't let them see you cry

I don't want to love you if love leaves me this cold
I don't want to love you if love is this alone

["Luck is An Emo Kid." I reserve the right to not explain this... ever.]
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