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16th-Jul-2010 10:42 am - FIC FILTER: for people who want to read stuff instead of just "ZOMG I AM TIRED"
1. K has started work
2. Work is kicking K's ass
3. (Passive voice) K's ass is getting kicked by work.

In other words: in spite of my humongously huge writing to-do list of humungous, the fates have made it such that I am mostly too braindead by the end of the day to finish a fic in a single sitting, which is how most of the insanity is usually produced.

I do, however, want to get all that stuff done! And tasty ideas, they do exist! So I am writing them in piecemeal and in parts, and everything is getting put on the beta filter. If you don't mind watching fic come together in drabbly bits, or just want something to read more often than once in never once in while, COMMENT and I will add you!

Alsowik: if you can see the Trekfic post beneath this one, you're already on the filter.

'Course, if you want to be removed at any time, just let me know!

4th-May-2009 01:39 am - death on a horse!
Things I needed to do today:

[] Consolidate notes for work
[x] Timeline work for the week
[x] Draft up designs
[] Get some sleep

Things I did instead:

- Set up [info]shifgrethor here
- Redesigned and overhauled a new layout for the community
- Ate a lot of cereal

2nd-May-2009 04:34 pm - 0TP DW Port, DW layout
Hi guys, anyone who's writing for 0TP but has sorta-kinda-moved from IJ, I've created a mirror of it on [info]no_true_pair; feel free to crosspost merrily and to pimp it out here on DW!


I also super-fast-coded a CSS DW layout that doesn't require the usual bangs and whistles of a paid account; 0TP is the live preview, and the code is below. Warning: very hastily coded! 8D

Use Transmogrified as your theme, set Use layout's stylesheet(s) as UNCHECKED, and stick that into your custom CSS.
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